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  • Greenwich Village Village Alliance

    Village Alliance: Greenwich Village Historic DistrictThe Village Alliance of Greenwich Village, NY is a Business Improvement District that new encompasses forty blocks of this part of Manhattan. The Alliance also is over the Historical District in The Village, an area that residents work hard to preserve out of love and respect for the history of their beloved Village.The Alliance has many d ... Read More

  • Greenwich Village New York University

    NYUs Grey Art GalleryThe Grey Art Gallery is New York University’s fine-arts museum, located on historic Washington Square Park in New York City’s Greenwich Village. It offers the NYU community and the general public a dynamic roster of engaging and thought-provoking exhibitions, all of them enriched by public programs. With its emphasis on experimentation and interpretation, and its foc ... Read More

  • About Greenwich Village

    Greenwich Village InformationWhether you’re interested in moving to Greenwich Village, NY or just in visiting this interesting piece of American culture, some Greenwich Village information can point you in the right direction on your trip.The Village, as residents and former resident affectionately call it, is home to many upper-middle-class families right now, but it still retains lingeri ... Read More

  • History of Greenwich Village

    Greenwich Village, NY History & FactsGreenwich Village history starts very far back in American history. The Village was started as a small settlement as far back as 1713, when common council records referred to it as Grin’wich. Several times in the mid to late 1800’s, wealthy residents of New York City fled plagues that were overtaking the crowded atmosphere. Many of them came to Gr ... Read More

  • Greenwich Village Live In The Village

    Greenwich Village Community, Jobs & SchoolsGreenwich Village was once the domain of starving artists, but that is true no longer. Now, many individuals who hold power jobs in the city choose to live in this beautiful, exciting borough on the south side of Manhattan. The Village provide excellent education, a beautiful community, and, of course, hundreds of job opportunities throughout Ne ... Read More

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  • Chelsea holds such attractions as Peter McManus Café and the Starett-Lehigh Building. Chelsea market holds a variety of vendors, from fresh bakeries, to fish, to wine. There is also the Hayden Planet...Read More
  • The Grey Art Gallery is New York University’s fine-arts museum, located on historic Washington Square Park in New York City’s Greenwich Village. It offers the NYU community and the general pub...Read More
  • Greenwich Village is located in New York City and is famous for its culture. It is a major landmark in American Bohemian culture. Many new movements in the worlds of politics, culture and art have or...Read More
  • GREENWICH VILLAGE — Health inspectors shut down Cafe Asean — popular with Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Iman — this week after finding evidence of mice, roaches and filth flies, records s...Read More
  • Located in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village on Seventh Avenue and West 11th Street, the Village Vanguard is one of the most historic locations in the country's music scene. The Village ...Read More
  • Alicia Silverstone answers the door of her Greenwich Village walk-up wearing one shoe, seeming slightly scattered in the well-meaning way one might imagine her most famous character, Cher Horowitz f...Read More
  • The education in Greenwich Village is second to none. There are a variety of collages in and around the Village and a top-rated high school that is rich in history, just like the Village. Stuyves...Read More
  • Brooke Shields and her producer/writer hubby Chris Henchy purchased a vacant Greek Revival house in New York's West Village. The townhouse, which has been on the market for $5.6 million, has four ...Read More
  • CNN's Anderson Cooper has finally been outed... as the buyer who paid $4.3 million for a historic Greenwich Village firehouse. The Post assembled enough circumstantial evidence to bring the Village's...Read More
  • Sometimes life doesn’t imitate fiction. “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!” wailed Carrie Bradshaw in the ...Read More
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has bought a multimillion-dollar apartment in the luxurious and green Delos building in Greenwich Village. The 'Titanic' star has now become an investor and is set to join Deepak...Read More
  • Also known as estate attorneys, probate lawyers deal with settling the final affairs of a deceased person (referred to as the decedent in legal terms). They are licensed professionals who mentor an...Read More
  • New York City was the first part of New York State to have grape orchards. When the Dutch settlers moved into the state in the 1600’s, they planted grapes, on what is now Manhattan. Initially, the ...Read More
  • Manhattan’s Greenwich Village is home to some of the city’s most treasured and historic cultural institutions. One of the most important of these institutions is the Cherry Lane Theater. This ...Read More
  • Vin Diesel was born as Mark Vincent in 1967 in New York City. He grew up with his twin brother, Paul Vincent, born 14 minutes after him in Greenwich Village....Read More
  • Feeling nostalgic? Just find your way to Greenwich Village, where the Hippie beat goes on. Although there are modern updates in the Village, the atmosphere remains the same as it was during the 50s ...Read More
  • MichaelFDiamonds.com is an online marketplace offering exquisite, fine jewelery and diamonds in a wide variety of styles that suite to your personal style and preference. Located is New York at the d...Read More
  • Nolita, also referred to as the north of the little Italy, is a neighborhood situated in the borough of the Manhattan in NYC. It is bounded on the eastern side by the Bowery, northern side by the Hou...Read More
  • Practically everybody you know has bought something off of the internet at some point. It could be a book you’ve been looking for or a present for a relative in another country. There is now a ne...Read More
  • Manhattan's Greenwich Village has long been a center of New York City art and culture -- and counter-culture. A number of celebrities, both past and present, have also called this vibrant distric...Read More

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