Greenwich Village Apartments

Find an apartment in Greenwich Village, New York.
Apartments For Rent In Greenwich Village, NY

Finding apartments for rent in Greenwich Village, New York isn’t always an easy task. The area tends to be full of opposites. Many of its residents are students from NYU who live in campus housing or sign leases for their apartments months and months in advance if they choose to live off campus. Some of its other residents are fairly wealthy families who buy their townhomes and flats rather than actually renting them. It’s not impossible, though, to find Greenwich Village apartments that you can rent as you settle into the area and get familiar with its eclectic culture.

The biggest apartment building in the area is 600 Washington, which is situated close to Hudson Park and Washington Square Park. The modern apartment building offers many different apartment choices, including four and five hundred square foot studios for $2,700 to $3,000 a month. These studios are positively large compared with some that you find in New York City!

While it’s possible to find apartments for rent on your own and to directly contact apartment management, it may be a good idea to work with a realtor or a real estate agency to find apartments that are for rent. Such an agent or agency may be able to get you a better deal on rent or help you find an apartment in an area where most of the apartments are for sale rather than for rent. If you’re looking in Greenwich Village, you can pretty much expect prices to be high. With the advice of a good realtor, though, you may be able to save a bit more than you think when renting an apartment in The Village. Some of the apartments in the area are absolutely beautiful, and who wouldn’t pay for the privilege of living in the heart of New York’s Village?


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