Greenwich Village Bars and Lounges

Hit the bars in Greenwich Village, New York.
Greenwich Village Pubs: Pubs in Greenwich Village

If you’re going to visit Greenwich Village, New York, you definitely have to enjoy some pub fare and atmosphere while you’re there. There are tons of interesting pubs in the area. You can ask the locals where their favorite spots are, or you can enjoy a couple of the more well known pubs in the area.

McSorley’s Pub or Old Ale House is one of the best known places in The Village. Established in the 1800’s, it features a huge variety of ales and beer choices. The gift shop also has some great souvenirs that you can take home, including some original pencil drawings and even McSorley’s tee shirts.

If you’re into literature, you may want to take the Literary Pub Crawl that features many of the pubs frequented by famous artists who once lived in The Village. The pub crawl features Chumley’s, Minetta Tavern, Kettle of Fish, and White Horse Tavern. You can take a tour of all these pubs on one lovely Saturday afternoon. A tour like this is also a good way to get to know The Village so that you know where else you want to go on your vacation.

Checking out all the pubs in the area might take a while, but it can definitely be worth it. Besides all sorts of drink options, you can also enjoy tons of different pub fare. Greenwich Village is known for its foodie atmosphere, so you definitely can enjoy some atypical food choices as well as the typical burgers, fries, fish n’ chips, and other pub and bar food. Just ask around to see where you which pubs you want to go to, and enjoy a lunch or dinner at a different pub every evening of your Greenwich Village visit.


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