Greenwich Village Dance Clubs

Hit up the clubs in the Warehouse District of Greenwich Village, New York.
Warehouse District: Greenwich Village Clubs

When you’re visiting Greenwich Village, New York, one of the must-do things is definitely a club crawl. This eclectic, fun area has all the best clubs in New York City. When you do head to Greenwich Village, your best bet is to head to the Warehouse District.

This East Village district features some of the best clubs in the area, especially in the Warehouse District. Before you head out to some of the clubs in the area, why not ask the locals and NYU students which clubs are best? They can let you in on all the local secrets, such as which clubs have the cheapest cover prices or the best cocktail selection.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to go clubbing in the Warehouse District, you definitely have to dress for it. You need to look fashionable and neat just like all the other native New Yorkers. Otherwise you’ll stick out like a sore thumb, and some of the trendier clubs might even refuse to let you in!

If you’re hurting for some clubbing clothes, why not go shopping during the day? Greenwich Village has some of the trendiest shops in New York, and it even has some secondhand shops that you can use to find more affordable castoffs of other New York fashionistas.

The Warehouse District is the sort of place with a bar every few feet, so you can easily make a whole night of it. Start at ten when all the clubs open, and keep going until they close just before the sun comes up. Just keep walking along the streets in this district, and you can’t miss some of the most hopping clubs in the area. You’ll have a great time going out and meeting people at the area’s clubs.


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