Getting to Greenwich Village

Find your route, from any airport, to Greenwich Village, New York.
Travel To Greenwich Village: Airport & Bus To Greenwich Village

If you need to travel to Greenwich Village, it’s pretty simple to do. You just need to make sure you fly into the right airport and follow the bus or subway instructions to get to the south side of Manhattan. One of the main things you should look for on the maps is Washington Square Park. Greenwich Village may or may not be marked on maps, but this famous, large park certainly will be. You can also look for New York University’s main campus.

To get to Greenwich Village, you’ll probably just fly into La Guardia unless you’re coming in on an international flight. This airport is located in Queens, but it offers lots of transportation options for you to get to the other areas of New York City. You can rent a car in La Guardia, but unless you’re planning to be on the move a lot and are very familiar with big city driving, it might not be your best option. Instead, you should look at taking the bus from the airport to The Village.

The M60 bus is probably the one you’ll take from La Guardia to all areas of Manhattan. You may need to switch buses once you get to Manhattan, and it goes to all the airport terminals. It’s a good idea to carry a map with you when you’re trying to get to different areas of New York. You can easily mark your hotel or apartment on the map so that you can figure out which bus stop will be closest to it. Bus schedules are easy to come by, especially at the airport. Before you decide what bus to ride on, make sure you understand where all its stops are. If you aren’t sure, just ask someone at the bus station.


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