Greenwich Village Hotels

Hotels in the Greenwich Village, New York area.
Hotels & Hotel Reservations in Greenwich Village, NY

Many of the hotels in Greenwich Village, NY have plenty of personality and charm. This largely residential area isn’t replete with hotels, but there are a few that you can stay in for a quick trip to The Village. Here are just a few of the hotel options in Greenwich Village that you might want to check out.

The Washington Square Hotel located near Washington Square Park is one of the few remaining family owned hotels in New York City. The hotel has 150 guest rooms that still retain some of their old New York style. Many of the rooms are decorated in an Art Deco style. The hotel offers personal services as well as modern items, such as wireless Internet access, which is free for guests. There is also continental breakfast on site each morning, as well as a bar. This beautiful hotel is a warm, comforting place to stay in New York.

Some of the other hotels in the area have suites that are meant for short-term stays or longer vacations. These options are excellent for travelers who want to stay in New York for a while longer.

When you’re checking out Greenwich Village hotels, you might also want to check out apartment rentals. You can sometimes get a few more amenities with apartments, such as a place to fix your own meals. Sometimes this can actually be the more economical option. Shopping around a bit for hotels can help you get the best available options.

You can also decide to stay in another area of Manhattan and travel into Greenwich Village when you want to. The subway and bus system is super simple, so you can get to The Village without too much effort.


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