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Jobs in Greenwich Village NY

Greenwich Village, NY jobs are mainly in public service and retail areas, since this is mainly a residential and shopping district. Many who live in other areas of the city travel into The Village to work in the vibrant restaurants and retail shops of the area. Of course, there are also many schoolteachers at both public and private Greenwich Village schools, as well as nannies, housekeepers, and other public servant agents who work with and for the upper-middle-class families of the area.

Many of those who actually live in the high-end housing in The Village actually travel to work elsewhere. They may drive to New Jersey or take the subway into the heart of New York City. Luckily, though, if you want to live in The Village, there are literally thousands of job opportunities within a short commute of the area.

Many who live in The Village work in the great financial institutions centered around Wall Street. Still others work in medical professions throughout the area or work for some of the major New York law firms.

If you’re looking to move to Greenwich Village to take advantage of the area’s vibrant life and interesting history, you may want to look for jobs in nearby business districts. Although many students can work at the restaurants and retail jobs, these aren’t often the jobs actual Village residents are looking for.

Luckily, the New York public transportation system is so efficient that you can easily get from The Village to a job anywhere in the area, including the busy center of the Big Apple. When you look for Greenwich Village employment, don’t limit your scope just because a job seems far away from this lower Manhattan area. Instead, remember that New York is easily accessible by a regular subway ride!


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