Greenwich Village Neighborhoods

Both the East Village and West Village of New York offer plenty of nightlife options.
The Village NY: West Village & East Village

When you visit Greenwich Village, New York, the entire experience is something to remember. From the shops and restaurants to the clubs and bars, there’s always somewhere to be and something to do. Even hanging out in the park is cool in Greenwich Village. Washington Square Park, at the center of The Village, is one of the best places to catch up and coming artists in process of working as well as some of the world’s best and most entertaining street performers.

One thing to know about The Village is that it’s actually split into a couple of different areas. You have the East Village on one side and the West Village on the other. Both sides of The Village have interesting things to see and do, but each side has a different feel or atmosphere.

The East Village is home to many of New York University’s buildings and residential students. NYU owns many of the buildings around Washington Square Park. This section of The Village still retains the some of the feel of the bohemian era, and it’s the more eclectic and youthful side of town. You’ll find lots of laid back restaurants and clubs in this area for sure.

The West Village is a more sophisticated section of The Village. This is where many of the upper middle class residents live. This side of town holds many of the upscale foodie restaurants as well as many of the area’s more sophisticated pubs and clubs.

No matter where you go in The Village or what you decide to see, you may want to check out both sides of town. There are lots of interesting things to see and do as well as many great places to shop when you’re here.


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