Greenwich Village Outdoor Cafes

Enjoy sitting at an outdoor cafe in the big city at the many great spots in Greenwich Village.
Greenwich Village Outdoor Cafes: Corner Bistro

The corner bistro is one of the best little outdoor cafes in Greenwich Village. It features an excellent burger and fries combo, and it’s pretty much always a cheaper option than some of the other restaurants in town. Unfortunately, the wait is always a little long, and you may have to spend some time sitting around before you can get your food. The Bistro offers a great beer list, though, so you can grab one from the bar while you wait if you want to.

There are, of course, lots of other outdoor cafes and bistros in the city. Many of them have a few outdoor tables even if they don’t have total outdoor seating. The bistros often serve lunch type food and even dinner meals.

Greenwich Village cafes are often famous for having hosting writers like Jack Kerouac and other beatniks. Figaro Café, for instance, is a great place to get an Italian meal and enjoy the outdoor air. You can also finish off your dinner with a cup of coffee or an espresso to feel like you’re really in Italy.

Café Reggio is another excellent place to visit and was also somewhere to hang out and relax. The beautiful little café was the first place to serve cappuccino in the United States, and it still serves a great cappuccino. The café features interesting historical décor, which it should since it’s been in The Village for ages.

All you really have to do to find Greenwich Village outdoor cafes is stroll the streets. If you can’t find one right away, you can ask a resident or NYU student where to go. Be prepared for waits, but once you get in, you can easily spend a couple of hours relaxing in the NYC air.


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