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Let an agent make your real estate hunting in Greenwich Village easier.
Greenwich Village Real Estate Agents & Realtors

If you’re ready to move into a great new townhouse or condo in Greenwich Village, NY, you definitely need a Greenwich Village realtor who’s familiar with the area. In Manhattan, you can see vastly changing lifestyles and home prices just by traveling a few blocks. In an area as eclectic and interesting as The Village, a realtor who’s been around the block a time or two will be a huge help in your home search.

When you’re talking about spending upwards of half a million dollars on a new home, it’s important that you find an experienced realtor you can trust. Here are the names of a few realtors you might check out. Just make sure that you interview several realtors before choosing the one who will best suit your needs and style.

Mike Sells leads a real estate team that specializes in Greenwich Village real estate. The team operates through a larger Manhattan real estate company, and you can get their information from

The well-known real estate company Prudential, which operates nationwide, also has realtors in the Greenwich area, including Robert Dvorin, who acts as consultant and as an agent for buyers and sellers alike.

Even if you’re just looking to rent a townhouse, flat, or apartment in Greenwich Village, it can be a good idea to work with a real estate agent. Apartments aren’t always easy to come by in New York, especially around The Village where many NYU students snap up available apartments at the beginning of every semester. So, even if you’re renting, an agent can help you get what you want for the right price as long as you call on them for consultation. Buying or renting in New York is a little different from doing so in other areas of the country, so having a real estate agent you can trust is vital!


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