Greenwich Village Real Estate

The brownstones make for a true city-living experience in Manhattan, New York.
Greenwich Village, NY Real Estate Can Be Pricey

If you are interested in moving to Greenwich Village, New York, you should know that the real estate there is absolutely gorgeous. Many of the townhouses and condominiums retain their original period architecture, and you can, of course, expect some beautiful hardwood floors and similar features. You won’t, though, get as much square footage for your money as you might in other areas of the country! Be prepared to pay top dollar or downsize a bit. Most residents of The Village, though, agree that the price is definitely worth it because you get to live in one of the most vibrant, interesting areas of New York City.

This year, the average listing price for Greenwich Village real estate was almost $2 million, but the median sale price was more like $1 million. Many of the smaller condos and townhomes will sell for between $500,000 and $800,000. Like most other areas of the country, real estate prices are down in The Village, which is excellent for new buyers looking for a good deal on property in this area of Manhattan.

Morningside Heights is the most affordable area to live in Greenwich Village, with prices averaging about $700,000. The older and more well-established West Village features average prices of upwards of $2 million, and Chelsea isn’t far behind in its listings, either.

Your best bet when looking for real estate in Greenwich Village is to shop with a local who knows the area. Even the difference of a block or two can make a big impact on lifestyle and restaurant choices, so you’ll want someone who knows The Village to show you around.

A few options to look at include Rebel Rebel Realty at 313 Bowery and Battery Park Realty, Inc. at 21 South End Avenue.


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