Shopping in Greenwich Village

Shop around in Greenwich Village, New York.
Shopping in Greenwich Village : Shops in Greenwich Village

Shopping in Greenwich Village, New York is an altogether interesting experience. Most shoppers don’t like to plan too much beforehand. Instead, just wander the streets of The Village and see what looks interesting. With constantly changing window displays, even the older and more well-known shops will catch your attention each time you walk by. Just make sure you have plenty of energy to carry all those full shopping bags you’ll walk away with!

Bookbook is a great little independently owned bookstore in The Village. It features copies of interesting letters and published diaries and journals. You can also get some interesting stationery and writing accessories here, so you’ll have something to write home on!

There are many clothing stores in Greenwich Village, each with unique tastes and offerings. Cynthia Rowley offers the latest in designer clothing, and Ludivine also offers the latest fashions straight in from Paris. The town is also chock full of interesting vintage clothing stores and secondhand shops that hark back to the time when The Village was full of hippies and beatniks.

Don’t forget to check out the specialty food shops in The Village, as well. Li-Lac Chocolate is one of the best sweet shops in the area. If you’ve got sweets lovers back home, a souvenir from this shop will be much more appreciated than the ubiquitous I Heart NYC shirt! Exploring different food shops will help you figure out the latest trends in food tastes and decorations, too.

Really, it’s impossible to tell you about all the great shops that are to be found in Greenwich Village. You need to simply take a day – or two or three! – and wander all the little side avenues of the area. There are so many things to see that you’re sure to find something you love.


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