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Greenwich Theater: Cherry Lane & Living Theater

What would a trip to Greenwich Village, New York be without a trip to the theater as well? This birthplace of so many American theatrical ideas and theater writers is still full of the same magic and culture that it was a century ago. The two theaters you simply must visit while in The Village are the Cherry Lane Theatre and the Living Theater.

The Cherry Lane Theatre was founded in part by Edna St. Vincent Millay. It is the oldest Off-Broadway theater in the United States, and it continuously runs productions of all the latest and greatest plays. Many of the most interesting playhouses in New York, including the Living Theater, actually started at Cherry Lane, which was originally a box factory. Today, Cherry Lane is still living up to its tradition of greatness, and you can find out more about what’s showing and when the shows are happening at

The Living Theater has an interesting history, as well. It was originally conceived as a complete alternative to commercial theater, and started performing in various playhouses around the city. After this non-traditional theater troupe got several playhouses shut down by various political and public service entities, it became a nomadic traveling group focused on political plays and interesting techniques.

In the 1980’s the Living Theater that we know today was born. Now, this theater allows and invites audience participation. The audience actually rehearses with the actors and actresses and is invited onto stage with them during the performance. Now, the theater is located at the Clinton Street Theater in The Village, but it also does street performances around the city. For more information on the interesting happenings at The Living Theater, Greenwich Village, check out the official website:

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