Greenwich Village Transportation

Take the subway to get around New York and to Greenwich Village.
Greenwich Village Subway

The absolute best way to get to and from Greenwich Village is to take the New York City subway. The subway runs through all areas of New York, and it can even get you from one section of The Village to another. This is the way that most New Yorkers get around. Walking takes too long when you’re going a long way, and New York traffic makes driving next to impossible. If you are visiting or moving to Greenwich Village, you definitely need to learn to use the subway.

Luckily, the New York City subway is essentially very efficient. You can also get passes for fairly cheap. A $2 ticket will get you as many transfer as you want within two hours. You can also buy day passes or longer term passes for a visit when you’re going to be using the subway a lot. Just make sure you don’t lose your pass! A one day pass costs $8.25, and a week long pass costs $27. This is a really good deal if you plan to travel by subway quite a lot.

The subway schedule can be a little tough for beginners to understand. However, you need to look for lower Manhattan stops as well as stops that are near Washington Square Park, which is right in the middle of Greenwich Village. You may or may not have to switch subways at some point, but if you do, the announcements should be pretty clear.

Your best bet is to carry a subway map and get familiar with it online. You can check out subway fares and schedules at The Metro Travel Authority has a map online that you can check to see where different subway stops are and how you can get around Manhattan and greater New York.


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