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Whether you’re interested in moving to Greenwich Village, NY or just in visiting this interesting piece of American culture, some Greenwich Village information can point you in the right direction on your trip.

The Village, as residents and former resident affectionately call it, is home to many upper-middle-class families right now, but it still retains lingering relics of the bohemian, leftist culture of the early 1900’s up through the 1960’s. Residents of the area still abide by the live-and-let-live political and cultural ideas that originally made The Village famous, though they now abide by these ideas in much nicer, much more expensive housing.

The center of Greenwich Village is Washington Square Park, which features the beautiful monument in commemoration of the centennial anniversary of George Washington’s inauguration. The park divides The East Village from The West Village.

It’s in The East Village that you’ll find the best lingering atmosphere of the beatniks, for this is where the artsy restaurants and venues are to be found and where the main campus of NYU resides. The West Village features the older, more expensive homes and many of the classiest restaurants in New York City.

What many residents and visitors love about Greenwich Village, NY is its history. Residents still take great pride in this history, though they’re a long way from the starving artists who used to rule The Village. Much effort is made to preserve cultural landmarks and ideals in this area, and The Village in Manhattan still has a community feel that really can’t be found in other areas of New York City.

One of the biggest annual events in The Village is shared by residents and outsiders alike. It’s the annual Halloween parade, which draws literally millions of spectators and wows crowds year after year.


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