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Enjoy the proximity to the park in Greenwich Village, New York.
Greenwich Village Community, Jobs & Schools

Greenwich Village was once the domain of starving artists, but that is true no longer. Now, many individuals who hold power jobs in the city choose to live in this beautiful, exciting borough on the south side of Manhattan. The Village provide excellent education, a beautiful community, and, of course, hundreds of job opportunities throughout New York City.

Children who live in The Village and go to public school will be zoned into two of The New York Department of Education’s finest elementary schools, PS3 Melser Charlotte School and PS41 Greenwich Village School. Students all attend Baruch Middle School 104. Upon leaving middle school, Greenwich Village students, like all other students in New York, are required to test into a high school. The Greenwich Village High School is an interesting small school focused heavily on interrelated classes and hands-on learning experiences around the city.

Of course, one of the main draws for Greenwich Village is the famous New York University, which owns much of the property in the area, including most of the area around Washington Square Park. NYU is home to some of the brightest young minds in the country, and it brings a refreshing note of youth and creativity to this otherwise upper-middle-class area.

The Greenwich Village community is still focused on many artistic events and activities. On any given day, there are plenty of things happening for residents to take advantage of. Even Washington Square Park is always full of street performers and artists who are there to entertain and wow their audiences, young or old.

Many of the Greenwich Village jobs actually available in the area are service-oriented, and some of them involve working directly for families in The Village. Those who live in the area’s more expensive townhouses are more likely to take the subway into the city each day for jobs in various high-level businesses.


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