Greenwich Village Village Alliance

The Village Alliance keeps Greenwich Village, New York thriving.
Village Alliance: Greenwich Village Historic District

The Village Alliance of Greenwich Village, NY is a Business Improvement District that new encompasses forty blocks of this part of Manhattan. The Alliance also is over the Historical District in The Village, an area that residents work hard to preserve out of love and respect for the history of their beloved Village.

The Alliance has many different functions in the Business and Historical Districts of The Village. One of its main goals is to promote the beauty and safety of the area so that it will attract more visitors and future residents, including students, middle class families, and working professionals looking for a breather from inner-city New York life.

The Village Alliance has been around for more than a decade. It helps improve upon some of the services offered by public service organizations in New York, including security and sanitation. One of the main goals of the Village Alliance is to create a more beautiful Greenwich Village, and it helps residents and visitors reach this goal by providing landscaping services and meeting other beautifying needs in the Greenwich Village Historic District.

For visitors, the Alliance is certainly helpful. It provides brochures describing various events in the area, and it also conducts free walking tours of The Village’s historic buildings and best shops and restaurants. The Alliance also passes out information about various events that are taking place around the area, including events sponsored by museums and local churches.

To find out more about the Village Alliance and what it does for Greenwich Village residents and visitors, check out the official website at There, you can get more information about the regular free walking tours, brochures, and happenings in the Greenwich Village area. For visitors, the Village Alliance offers invaluable information and assistance to make your Greenwich Village stay spectacular.


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