Greenwich Village Restaurants

Greenwich Village Restaurants & Dining

While all of New York is packed with food and dining options, Greenwich Village restaurants are known for their foodie flavors. You can get everything from a gourmet vegan meal to a New York style pizza dripping with toppings in The Village. You have only to walk down the streets of The Village to see that there are tons and tons of restaurant options.

Taking a restaurant or foodie tour in Greenwich Village can be fun. Basically, you hop on a bus with a bunch of people and go around to different restaurants all day long. The Village also has a famous bar and pub crawl that gives you safe transportation to all the best pubs and night life clubs in the area.

Frank is a great little Italian joint in the East Village area. It offer surprisingly low prices, which are great if you’re in New York on a budget! Tomoe Sushi is another ethnic restaurant that specializes specifically in sushi. Some say that this restaurant has the absolute best sushi in the city. Get there early or be prepared to wait, though, because this spot’s reputation certainly precedes it, and there’s always a wait in the later part of the evening!

Really, you can’t go wrong with any restaurants in Greenwich Village. To stay in business, they have to be some of the absolute best there are. Just walk around and see what looks good. Still not sure where to go? Stop a resident and ask what they’d recommend. In general, the East Village food choices are going to be a bit more eclectic, laid back, and affordable. The older West Village offers some of the best high-end food options out there, though. For the well-rounded Greenwich Village experience, have lunch in West Village and dinner in East Village before you go bar hopping.