Greenwich Village Things To Do

Things To Do in Greenwich Village, NY

Just ask a resident of Greenwich Village, New York what there is to do in their part of town, and you will get tons of answers. This eclectic, artsy area features tons of museums and playhouse, as well as many interesting restaurants and some of the hottest clubs in New York.

If you’re a foodie or are simply in The Village for a good time, you should definitely check out one of the area’s food tours or club and pub crawls. The tours will let you in on the best-kept secrets for where to find excellent food in town, and the club and pub crawls will get you (safely!) from one club to the next, waiving cover charges and all sorts of other fees you’d have to pay otherwise.

When you’re in The Village for the day, it’s definitely worth your while to stop by one of the area’s beautiful parks. The largest and most interesting is the Washington Square Park, about which many of the official New York University buildings sit. On any given day, you’ll find the park packed with a carnival of performers, magicians, speakers, and musicians who are there to entertain while they try to make a buck or two.

For music buffs, the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Annex is the place to go in The Village. This area was recently opened, but it features an interesting tour through Rock n’ Roll history, complete with an interactive map of the area that shows where Rock n’ Roll history has intersected with New York.

Of course, if you’re in The Village, you’ve got to go shopping, too. This area of Manhattan is home to some of the most interesting shops in New York, including many bohemian style shops, vintage clothing shops, and record shops that still specialize in vinyl.