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A STYLISH new hotel has opened in New York's historic Greenwich Village neighbourhood in the US. The Jade has 113 Art Deco-inspired guest rooms and suites decorated in crimson, blue and gold col...Read More
She’s working as a full time model in New York, so looks are everything to Aliana Lohan but when the 19-year-old stepped out with sister Lindsay on Tuesday something seemed to be missing. With her...Read More
A prowler broke into the Greenwich Village apartment of famed “Wolverine” actress Famke Janssen and left a creepy calling card -- the children’s book, “The Lonely Doll,” the Dutch stunner...Read More
Leonardo DiCaprio has bought a multimillion-dollar apartment in the luxurious and green Delos building in Greenwich Village. The 'Titanic' star has now become an investor and is set to join Deepak...Read More
Most people are fortunate enough to never have a need for a private ambulance. On those rare occasions when the need comes up however, they can be absolutely indispensable. As useful as private amb...Read More
Greenwich Village’s one of the oldest music cafes, the 31 year old Caffe Vivaldi is the home for Schubertiades New York City. Produced by pianist Emir Gamsizoglu and actress Ege Maltepe, aptly na...Read More
Income documentation is not required for this No Income Check Program. A credit score of minimum 650 is a must. Available for cash out refinance at 70% loan to value and for purchases at 75% LTV. ...Read More
GREENWICH VILLAGE — Health inspectors shut down Cafe Asean — popular with Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Iman — this week after finding evidence of mice, roaches and filth flies, records s...Read More
Party NYC Style: 4 Tips for Finding Good Event Planners Having to manage an event, big or small, is difficult. There are so many facets you’ll have to juggle around and plan accordingly like sch...Read More
Sometimes life doesn’t imitate fiction. “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!” wailed Carrie Bradshaw in the ...Read More
The average worker’s compensation claim usually involves mountains of paperwork that your employer and insurance company make you fill out. The typical problem is that these forms are difficult t...Read More
Practically everybody you know has bought something off of the internet at some point. It could be a book you’ve been looking for or a present for a relative in another country. There is now a ne...Read More
Roofing protects buildings from outside elements that can severely damage the inside of a home or building. It has to be designed and built well to withstand the wind, rain, sunlight, snow, and hai...Read More
Laws relating to personal injury are defined at a state level. This means that members of legislatures sit down with a panel of judges and they work together to modify, amend, and create these laws...Read More
Also known as estate attorneys, probate lawyers deal with settling the final affairs of a deceased person (referred to as the decedent in legal terms). They are licensed professionals who mentor an...Read More

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