Architecture In Greenwich Village. Unique and varied architecture in Greenwich Village.

New York City is known for its historic and celebrated neighborhoods. One of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods is Greenwich Village. Greenwich Village holds some of New York City’s most culturally significant and respected institutions like New York University and Washington Square Park. It is also renowned for its historic and varied architecture. Any architecture buffs visiting New York City should definitely pay a visit to Greenwich Village for some truly memorable sights.

One of the top architectural landmarks in Greenwich Village is the Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park. The arch is a Greenwich Village icon and symbol of the neighborhood’s history and cultural influence. It towers 77 feet above the ground and was originally constructed in 1892 to honor George Washington. For architecture fans, it is a must-see.

Another fantastic architectural gem is the Jefferson Market Library. Originally built as a courthouse between 1874 and 1877, the building was later converted into a library. Today, it is a National Historic Landmark and is recognized as one of New York City’s most unique and historic buildings. 

The streets of Greenwich Village are filled with beautiful architecture as well. Bedford Street is known for its quaint brick rowhomes and ambient charm, while MacDougal Street offers great examples of early 20th century tenement architecture. Just strolling along the neighborhood’s quaint and historic streets is a treat all by itself.

Other great architecture in Greenwich Village can be found at the historic Federal-era buildings outside of New York University as well as the historic Cherry Lane Theatre. 

Greenwich Village is home to a wealth of architectural landmarks and great sites to see. The neighborhood’s quaint brick buildings, narrow streets and Old World ambience create an experience like none other in New York City. Any architecture fan visiting the city should definitely pay Greenwich Village a visit. 


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