Greenwich Village Apartments

People who are considering a move to Greenwich Village should know that the rentals in and around the Village can be very expensive. With that expense comes beautiful homes and apartments with beautiful views that are rich in history. The average asking price for a home in the Village is around $2 million although the selling price is around half as much.

Looking for an apartment or townhome to rent in Greenwich Village isn’t always as easy as other areas in New York or even in Manhattan. There are many college students from New York University who choose to live off campus in the Village and sign their leases months, or even as much as a year, prior to moving in.

Real estate, even apartment rentals in Greenwich Village, can be rather expensive. Because real estate is so pricey, many families will choose to purchase their apartment or town home rather than rent it. Not all apartments are always taken. The best place to start your search is at 600 Washington, which is the largest apartment community in the Village. Close to the Hudson and Washington Square Parks, many of these apartments are between 500 and 600 square feet, which are large when compared to apartments in the city. Rent usually will run between $2,700 and $3,000 per month.

Using a real estate agent to find an apartment for you in Greenwich Village may be easier than attempting to find a place on your own. In addition, a real estate agent may know about apartments that are not listed to the public.

Regardless of which method you choose to get an apartment in Greenwich Village, you should expect to pay more for your new apartment. Renting an apartment in Greenwich Village isn’t just renting a place to live; it’s getting a piece of history as well.

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