Greenwich Village Bars and Clubs

There are many different types of bars and clubs in Greenwich Village, which makes the nightlife as fun and interesting as the Village is during the day. One of the oldest and most well-known pubs is McSorley’s Old Ale House or 55 bar on Christopher street. Founded in the 1800’s, this is the perfect choice for those who consider themselves to be beer conisours.

For the literary type, there is a Literary Pub Crawl that makes stops at many of the local establishments that were frequented by a number of the celebrities who have lived in the Village. Stops along the way include: Chumley’s,Minetta TavernKettle of Fish and the White Horse Tavern.

There is virtually a bar for everyone in and around Greenwich Village. Taking the time to visit all of them is a task that will be time consuming. Make sure each bar stop includes something from the food menu, as Greenwich Village is known for its “foodie” atmosphere. Take some time to relax in one of the many lounges while tasting some local food options.

In keeping up with the times, this historic area offers same sex clubsbilliard bars, and dance clubs. There are an endless number of breweries and even a handful of strip clubs. Watching the game in the evening isn't a problem either, with the superior selection of sports bars.

With the plethora of nightlife choices in Greenwich Village, there is a place to ensure each and every visitor will have fun. Take some time and participate in the Literary Pub Crawl that visits many different lounges which have been frequented by different celebrities through the years. The handful of billiard bars range from the very upscale to those with a laid back atmosphere where customers go just to have fun and unwind. Greenwich Village hasn't forgotten the sports enthusiasts either. There are a variety of sports bars that allow customers to have a few drinks and make some new friends while watching the game.

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