Greenwich Village School

Greenwich Village is a public school located in New York City. It caters to children of professionals, artists, entertainers and NYU professors. The Greenwich Village school is one of the few elementary schools in New York City to receive a score of 10 out of 10 in the GreatSchoolsRating. The school is proud of its basketball team and the computer arts, science and techology departments.

Greenwich Village School is located at 116 West 11 Street in New York. The telephone number is 212-675-2756. The school is a four story building with spacious hallways and public areas. The campus has a park-like ambiance with its outdoor play area, park benches and container gardens. Student's artwork decorates the hallways and the cafeteria. There is also a library, auditorium, gym and two science labs.

The school provides opportunity for students to explore their varied interests. Kindergarten students through the third grade can take chess. Children in higher grades may take double period classes each week which may include violin, dance, chess, library, science and computer.

Parental involvement is strong at Greenwich Village school. Not only do they participate in the P.T.A and monthly "Family Mornings," they also form committees to get the school and the students involved in community service projects. This instills appreciation and a sense of gratitude for the community in the students.


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