Grocery Delivery Services Take Greenwich Village By Storm

Practically everybody you know has bought something off of the internet at some point. It could be a book you’ve been looking for or a present for a relative in another country. There is now a new trend that is beginning to rise in popularity all around the world and that trend is online grocery shopping. It’s easy to see why something like this is catching on as it has so many advantages for consumers.

First off, shopping online and then having the groceries brought right to your doorstep will save you a lot of time. Even if it’s just for a few things, it can take a lot of time to get to the actual store, navigate your shopping cart around the aisles, get the things you need, wait in line, pay for everything, bag everything up and take everything to your car. Online grocery shopping lets you click on whatever you need, pay online, then simply wait. This all takes a very short time. Between work, family and the hustle and bustle of our city it is no wonder that online supermarket trend has taken NYC residents by storm.

Online grocery shopping is much better for the environment in the long run as well. A study done in 2009 by the Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute has found that online grocery shopping can potentially reduce the environmental impact of shopping by up 65%. Having one van deliver groceries to multiple locations is better for the environment than having ten people driving back and forth to the grocery. Although in Manhattan itself many people do not drive, the other NYC boroughs make up for it as many people do drive.

You might also think that online grocery shopping is more expensive. But not only do online groceries have promos and sales like regular groceries, they also give out vouchers, coupons, and have promos for free deliveries as well as other bonuses. Add that along to the fact that you aren’t tempted or tricked into buying unnecessary items by long-established grocery marketing tactics and that you won’t have to fight impulse buying -- you’ll definitely see your savings really begin to pile up.

The convenience of online grocery shopping can’t be denied. You’ll be at the comfort of your own home fully capable of checking what you need so you can tell if you’ve forgotten anything on your shopping list. You can easily tweak your virtual cart all the way to the checkout page. If you are trying out new recipes, you can have a website or a cookbook right at your side while you add items on and off your online shopping cart.

Once your order arrives, you have the option to verify your items to make sure everything is there and that you got the right items before the delivery person goes to their next stop. You also have the option of saving your online shopping list so that you can always get the same items you always get. Ordering them repeatedly is as simple as bringing up your stored list and then reordering.

Buying groceries online can also serve as an alternative to those who still prefer regular grocery shopping. Sometimes people are stuck at home or moving about with children. These are common situations which make it real hard to go to the supermarket. Now, you won’t need to ask a friend or hire a sitter to look over your kids since everything you need can be delivered right to you within hours. Same day grocery delivery can be true life-saver. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it once just to see what it’s like. You will be surprised by the convenience, time saved, and how competitive the prices can be. Then, you’ll finally understand why online food shopping is becoming so popular.

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