Local Businesses in Greenwich Village

SoHo businesses and Manhattan businesses have long been known for their upscale style and uniqueness. Manhattan is the true shopping district of New York, so it holds some of the famous retail shops of the city. SoHo and Greenwich Village are more known for their eclectic, beatnik type businesses that carry over the starving artist traditions of 1960’s Greenwich Village.

One of the must-see businesses in The Village is the famous Bleeker Bob’s Records. This extensive record store sells some CDs, but it still specializes in vinyl records, just as it always has. If you’re looking for something particular on vinyl or want to start a collection of vinyl, Bleeker Bob’s is certainly the place to go!

Many Manhattan businesses are centered around food, of course. Greenwich Village is NYC’s official foodie area. There are entire blocks of nothing but restaurants that are all seeking to provide innovative experiences for their guests. From bakeries that specialize in brownies of all sorts to bars and pubs in the true British style, you can find eats and even catering to meet all your needs right in The Village.

One thing that people love about Manhattan is its old-fashioned storefronts. Even humdrum businesses like the local pet shop and the locksmith are interesting to look at on the outside. In such an eclectic area as Manhattan, you can really find absolutely any type or style of business that you need. Even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, the whole of New York City is only a subway ride away, and you can easily get to businesses of all sorts just by hopping on and getting off where you need to go. One of the best things about living in New York is just the availability of everything!


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