Manhattan transportation

There are a myriad of ways to travel to and from New York as well as in and around the city once your here.


Newark Airport One of our two international airports, it is actually in the state of New Jersey. Easy to get to, especially from lower Manhattan, it’s terminals, parking lots, and internal roadway make it the best choice, if you have a choice.

JFK (Kennedy) Our other international airport is located in the boro of Queens can be a nightmare, although improvements and major construction seem to be always in progress, roads leading to this airport are in a constant traffic jam, give yourself plenty of time to get to and from this one.

Laguardia Also in Queens, this airport serves domestic flights, closer to NYC it can be a good choice for local flights.

Trains (Railroad - Subways - Buses)

Metropolitan Transit Authority An official government site you can access info, schedules and maps for the subway and bus system, Long Island Railroad, Metro North, Grand Central, and all Bridges and Tunnels Manhattan has two major railroad terminals. Pennsylvania Station (7th Avenue & 34th Street) and Grand Central, ( 42nd Street & Park Avenue).

SUBWAYS Over 700 miles of track, 468 stations and over 7, 000 cars are accessible 24 hours a day for only $ 1.50. You can purchase tokens from a booth in the stations or a Metro Card - a computerized plastic credit card that can be used in both subways and buses.The NYC Subway system connects 4 of the 5 boros (Staten Island has it’s own rail line) over several bridges and underwater tunnels. The system is quick, efficient and safer than it has ever been. Although not as quite as the rubber wheeled system in Montreal and lacking the art of Moscow, considering the size and rider ship of the system it’s a deal.

BUSES In Manhattan buses travel North & South along major Avenues & East and West on Major Streets. Fare is also a $ 1.50 and you need exact change (in coin) or tokens, or a metro card.


Automobiles Although many NYC streets were originally planned for horse and buggy, (especially downtown) there is a need for some to travel by car. Parking and traffic can be great deterrents, but if you must drive, you will need info on traffic, parking regulations, roadway conditions and even a parking calendar. Click here to access the Department Of Transportation’s Official site.

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