Nolita, also referred to as the north of the little Italy, is a neighborhood situated in the borough of the Manhattan in NYC. It is bounded on the eastern side by the Bowery, northern side by the Houston Street and on the southern side by the Broome Street. On the western side, it is bounded by the Lafayette Street.

This area was long referred to as little Italy, but has since then lost much of its Italian character due to the relocation of Italian-Americans to the outer areas. However, still many elder descendents of the early Italian immigrants are living in this neighborhood. Every year, Feast of San Gennaro that is dedicated to the Pope of Naples is held in the neighborhood just after the Labor Day on the Mulberry Street situated between the Grand and the Houston streets. This feast also featured in film named Godfather II and was recreated on the Elizabeth Street that lies between the Houston and the Prince.

In the mid 1990s this area saw a heavy influx of the yuppies. Aside from this, large number of bars, restaurants and expensive retail boutiques also came up in the neighborhood. Though many real estate promoters had earlier tried to promote the neighborhood as a hot SOHO area for all those interested in running various businesses, but were not successful in their attempts. Then these promoters came up with various names for making this upscale neighborhood famous as the top commercial destination. Ultimately, the name that stuck in the minds of people is Nolita, which is an abbreviation for the North of the little Italy.

There is a famous St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in the neighborhood and is located just at the intersection of Mott, Mulberry and the Prince Streets. It initially opened in the year 1815 but was destroyed in a fire in the 1860s. It was again rebuilt in 1868 to its old glory. This building is now being used as a parish church where visitors from all parts of the US visit every year. It was honored in the year 2010 and has now become the Basilica at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral. Another famous landmark named Puck Building is situated on the corner of Lafayette streets and Houston. It was built in 1885 and was originally the headquarters of the now defunct Puck magazine

The neighborhood is famous for the wide mix of cultures and relaxing atmosphere which makes it an interesting place to settle down for all those who are interested in relaxed lifestyle. This area is quite live on the weekends and the nights when one can see huge crowds everywhere with the street fair and events taking place all over the place.

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