Party NYC Style: 4 Tips for Finding Good Event Planners

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Party NYC Style: 4 Tips for Finding Good Event Planners

Having to manage an event, big or small, is difficult. There are so many facets you’ll have to juggle around and plan accordingly like schedules, guests, equipment, etc. To properly stay on top of things and ride out the event smoothly, the first thing you need to do is to hire a good event rentals company. If you want your party to be lavish and exciting like those Greenwich Village parties we see on television, you must find a real good service.

The really good event rental companies will take off a giant load from your shoulders and let you focus on aspects of the event more important to you. This is why nobody should be in a hurry when picking out which event rentals company to work with.

Event rentals will provide you with all the décor you need as well as set up the venue for you too; tents, canopies, and other large items will be set up by them. It’s also worth noting that good event rentals companies also offer a plethora of party supplies to cater to all kinds of events. You could be planning a graduation, a wedding, a birthday, fundraiser, etc., you’ll be sure to find everything you need for any kind of event you have planned; even themed events can be accommodated.

Before deciding on which event planners to hire though, you’d have to be on the lookout for four important things:

  1. Company service history or reviews

A common but totally avoidable nightmare is reaching the day of your event and realizing that the event planners you hired couldn’t deliver on what was promised. They could come late, are unable to provide what was agreed on, or are just generally sloppy. Find any reviews on a company before you hire them. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief and embarrassment by taking doing this step. In big cities like NYC a party rental company get's very busy and the rentals get beat up and can often be in terrible shape. Research the event rental company well online and make sure they have no bad reviews stating their goods are either dirty, smelly or old looking.

  1. Costs

How much a company charges is something everybody considers but this doesn’t mean you should hire the cheapest company you come across; they could be the cheapest for a reason. The trick is to really talk to the company representative and see if they can understand what you are looking for. Even if it might cost a bit more, it’ll be worth it as it’ll ensure you get what you want and minimize and stress on your part.

  1. Additional offers

Aside from the basic equipment and supplies your event needs, a good event rentals company usually goes to the extra mile to please their clients. Ask about additional offers they may have available that could add that little extra to really make your event memorable. Possible things to ask about may be portable toilets, more upscale chairs and tables, better media equipment etc.

  1. Customized offers

Maybe your event has an obscure theme or you need everything to be very specific otherwise it wouldn’t work. The best event rentals companies are usually flexible and can find ways to make it work out. If a company is willing to go out of their way to accommodate your request, you’re probably on the right track and should really consider working with them.

The right event planning & rentals service can make all the difference in your party or event. It can be a stress free success, or a disaster.

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