Private Ambulances 101: From Medical Transports & Even Emergencies

Most people are fortunate enough to never have a need for a private ambulance. On those rare occasions when the need comes up however, they can be absolutely indispensable. As useful as private ambulances are in an emergency, they can be just as useful in non-emergency situations as well as medical transports. Here is a rundown of some of the advantages of having access to a private ambulance.

Emergency situation:

The most obvious benefit to having access to a private ambulance is a quick response when you need one in an emergency situation. In any medical emergency, the amount of time between the incident and the arrival of medical attention is absolutely crucial, and can spell the difference between a speedy recovery and lifelong debilitation. Having access to a private ambulance can drastically reduce that time.

Non-urgent/non-emergency situation:

Even in non-emergency situations, having access to a private ambulance when you need it can be useful. Someone in a great deal of pain and/or discomfort will benefit from having an ambulance provide them with a non-emergency medical transport as opposed to taking a cab or a car. They will definitely appreciate being able to rush through traffic if an emergency situation does arise in the middle of the ride.

Advanced EMS units:

Many private ambulance companies provide advanced life support unit's. One of the most significant advantages to having access to a private ambulance is the presence of these advanced teams that can be dispatched to the medical event. Public ambulances do not always have this type of service available on call.. This can be beneficial in both emergency and non-emergency situations, as it will ensure that the patient gets professional medical attention immediately even before getting to the hospital. Patients suffering from burns or fractures, and even strokes and heart attacks have a much better chance of recovering from their ailments if they are able to get the highest grade of professional medical attention as soon as possible. Having access to these advanced private ambulance units is essentially like being able to get to the hospital immediately.

Although the medical service provided by an emergency medical team will in no way compensate for the comprehensive set of medical services provided at the hospital, having access to higher end medical attention–no matter the level–can be essential in terms of ensuring a complete and speedy recovery.

Reduces reliance on public ambulance service:

When those who can afford to do so hire a private ambulance will usually get a more comfortable ride and many times better medical attention. In addition, public ambulances are freed up so that they can be used by those who cannot afford to pay for private medical services. By easing the burden on public medical services one can make it possible for more people to get access to medical care faster.

Contributed to on 05/01/2014 by Daniel Frank of NYC's Richmond County Ambulance Services 1355 Castleton Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310 (718) 273-3555

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