The Beat Goes On in Greenwich Village

Feeling nostalgic? Just find your way to Greenwich Village, where the Hippie beat goes on. Although there are modern updates in the Village, the atmosphere remains the same as it was during the 50s and 60s. This culturally diverse settlement in New York City continues to embrace peace, love andcommunity. Just as before, it is a magnet for artists and trendsetters.

Known for its Bohemian lifestyle and as a famous hangout of the Hippies and Beatniks in the 50s and 60s, Greenwich Village is a fascinating place. Nightlife in the Village is still hep, just as it was when Bob Dylan performed. Folk music and psychedelic rock continues to be popular. The coffee houses, like Caffe Reggi and Cafe Figero that were popular hangouts of the "Flower Children," are still thriving. Music lovers can still find vinyl records among CDs at Bleecker Bob's Records. The old basketball court on 4th Street is always busy with street ball players.

The Arch at Washington Square Park is a good starting place to visit the Village. Walking through the Park among skateboarders and dog walkers, visitors are entertained by musicians and street performers. The carnival atmosphere is exciting, but the Park has peaceful places where one can join a game of chess or just sit to watch the fascinating passersby.

The Village has many historically significant homes and buildings. The abundant coffee housescafes, and restaurants can curb anyone's appetite.Shopping can be extremely interesting. Among current items, shops in the Village still carry merchandise favored during the Hippy Movement. Hippies usually chose items connected to the earth and environment. Their clothing included tie-dye and bright-colored fabrics, beads, and sandals. Nostalgic shoppers should look for incense burners, peace signs, and signs declaring "flower power."

Visitors will enjoy the lingering Beatnik vibes that continue to make Greenwich Village unique.

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