"Think Coffee" in Greenwich Village

What pops into your head when you Think Coffee in Greenwich Village? If you're in Greenwich Village for coffee, the odds are you are tired of the usual, boring, run-of-the-mill cup of coffee and are looking for something much more interesting. That's where "Think Coffee" comes in. Think Coffee has grown in recent years from an obscure Mercer Street coffee shop of rising popularity to one of the must-see spots in the historic Greenwich Village.

Since their opening in 2006, the owners of Think Coffee have made a concerted effort to present their shops not just as a place to catch a morning cup of coffee and be on your way, but also boasts a welcoming atmosphere, a place to relax, unwind, get some work down, and socialize with your friends.

This eclectic coffee shop draws in customers as diverse as its coffee variety. Sharing only an affinity towards good coffee and an appreciation for the outgoing customer service from the friendly staff and a superb taste in coffee.

With locations scattered throughout the city, you can enjoy delectable coffee even if you are not around the Greenwich Village area. The next time you make a trip to New York City, do yourself a favor and check out the city's new favorite coffee shop; it may become yours as well.

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