Village Vanguard

Located in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village on Seventh Avenue and West 11th Street, the Village Vanguard is one of the most historic locations in the country's music scene. The Village Vanguard has been in business for over 70 years, renowned for providing its audience with the biggest names in jazz. For the obscure but talented up-and-comers in the jazz world, the Village Vanguard has long been recognized as an integral stop on the ladder to success.

The Village Vanguard is certainly one of the most intimate atmospheres not only in the world of jazz, but in the music world in general. In a world full of huge performances and Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden, the audience can barely even see the performers with their naked eye, let alone feel like a part of the performance. However, at the Village Vanguard, each and every member of the audience is up close and personal.

Its location the middle of Greenwich Village in New York City makes it easy to get to for all fans. The 1, 2, and 3 trains of New York City's subway system stop only three blocks away from the club. Being located in such a scenic neighborhood, visitors have the opportunity to make the Village Vanguard just another historic stop in their visit through New York City.

In addition to the great, historic memory of the jazz performance of the past, the Village Vanguard still stands today as the primary location on the jazz scene. Anyone who stops by the club is sure to watch an unforgettable performance and remember the night for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, they will leave with the satisfaction that they, too, were part of the history of one of America's most renowned and historic genres of music.

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