Where is Greenwich Village?

Greenwich Village is located in New York City and is famous for its culture. It is a major landmark in American Bohemian culture. Many new movements in the worlds of politics, culture and art have originated in Greenwich Village. During the 19th and 20th centuries an alternative culture was established by residents of the Village. 

The first U.S. architectural school was built in Greenwich Village in 1857. When it was built it led to The Village becoming the center of the New York City art scene. Artists flocked to New York CIty to work, perform and sell their art work. 

Beginning in the late 19th century, The Hotel Albert became a cultural icon of the Village. The hotel served as a restaurant and meeting place for writers and artists. It was once the home of Mark Twain, Andy Warhol, Walt Whitman and Robert Louis Stevenson.

In addition to the rich culture found in Greenwich village, there are many restaurants and things to do in the Village. For an elegant dining experience, many people go to Chanto, a Japanese restaurant. For those who prefer Italian food, Bellavitae is a popular choice. Attractions found in the Village include Washington Square Park and the Forbes Magazine Galleries. Washington Square Park is among some of the best parks in the city. It is considered a Greenwich Village landmark. The Forbes Magazine Galleries are located in the lobby of the headqurters for Forbes Magazine. Galleries include jewelry and ships as well as several art galleries.

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Greenwich Village is a destination rich in culture and attractions. Click here to see up coming local events in Greenwich Village!

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